Quick HD-DVD Packaging Question

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I've only got the one UK HD-DVD disc, and about 5 or 6 US ones. The UK one I have, Superman Returns has a thicker spin than the US onesand annoys me each time I see it beside the others.

Are all UK ones like that, or is it just the UK version of this particular film?


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The UK ones are odd, most are the larger cases but my UK Harry Potter and a Batman Begins I saw in a store are slim cases, so it seems to vary a little.


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Yeap, all US ones I have owned are the slimer cases, including Superman Returns.
You could always try a trade in the classifieds forum, some people prefer the UK one as it is not a Combo (double sided disc) disc, assuming you dont mind it being a Combo :D


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Death to combo's! :D

I see the logic in them and all- but I hate them, I'd prefer the disc art.

I have always found the cases odd, the seem to differ studio to studio, region to region- same applies with Blu Ray

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