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I just received a composite box for my Panasonic plasma panel

I have a Nintendo Wii in my hands and want to connect it. I know I have to buy a small BNC-RCA convertor to be able to connect the yellow RCA plug from the Wii.

But if I want to connect it tonight ( have to buy the plug in the morning ) is there a quick and dirty way to connect it now? Will a small wire or paperclip do?


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erm it could but willl be poor if it works at all BNC were often used for OLD PC networks so if you know an IT man ask him also may be lucky at a local electrnoics shop i assume amsterdam is pretty 24/7 opening wise so a PC or Electronics shop may have the goods


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I received the item one hour ago and went to 2 stores and both closed their doors in front of my nose and weren't even thinking of opening it. Closing time was 18.00 sharp and I was there at 17.45 and 17.58 !The only 2 things in Amsterdam that are opne 24/7 are the hookers and the coffee shops :)
I will try it with a paperclip later on or some wire and buy a BNC-RCA plug tomorrow. Why are there 2 BNC connectors, I only need one, won't I?

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