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I have a KDL-40W2000 Bravia TV and I love it but I am curious about one thing. I just got a PS3 and have connected it by HDMI but it appears I have to change the channel/source manually when I turn it on rather than it changing automatically (e.g SCART). Does anyone know if I can make the set change automatically to AV5 when I turn on the PS3 and return to TV when I turn it off?


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nope.your tv will need 1.3 hdmi but it has 1.2 to the best of my knowledge.sony might be able to do a software update at a later date.1.3 should send a signal down your current hdmi lead to tell the tv to change just like a scart signal. hope that helps a bit.:thumbsup:


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Cheers, it's been really difficult trying to get any info on this and I'm now (cautiously) optimistic that Sony will release an update!

Would this be done over the airwaves or would it need professional installation if it were to happen?

Thanks again

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now dont quote me on this but i think there is a pc card slot on the back of your tv i will assume this is were any update will be added, not sure will ask a sony rep next time i see one.I did read your post before and found it odd know one left a comment so i left it for a bit to see what people would say.


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There is a pc slot on mine. As far as i am aware there have been no updates for this model so far - the sony product support page only has one thing on it and you can probably guess what that is (screen uniformity information).
I thought that HDMI just doesnt support auto switching (so not sure anything will be done about this)? Could be wrong though.


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If it helps in the short term, with my 32S2010 I can set any unused external inputs to 'skip'. So for example if you set AV1, AV2 and Component to 'skip', then the first push on the 'AV' button will take you straight to the HDMI input.:thumbsup: You can still use the inputs, in fact the AV1 & 2 will continue to auto switch via scart anyway, to access component you can use the inut menu and scroll down. TBH I wouldn't hold much hope for Sony updating anything via firmware remotely. I'm about to take my Sony DVD player in for a firmware upgrade and PCB change and it's taken long enough to get to the bottom of that problem, even though its a well known issue (on these forums anyway).

Hope this helps.:thumbsup:


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A firmware update has been issued on this chassis (to correct a couple of issues such as black bands on vhs playback) - this is performed with a memory stick on this model.

Most Sony firmware updates require either a special Jig available to authorised service departments - or the later versions are using USB memory devices. Firmware updates are not normally shown on Sony domestic web site.

I thought HDMI version 2 was required for auto switching, I think you will find that this is also a hardware issue and will not be available on these models - but I may be wrong on this point :)

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