Quick bit of legal advice needed please


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If i have a document which needs to be "made before a justice of the peace, a magistrate, a commissioner for oaths, a practising solicitor, a notary pulic, a licensed conveyancer, an authorised advocate or an authorised litigator"

Does that mean i can just take to the local police station, and have them witness it? Or does that not count as a "justice of the peace"?



Don't think it counts, ex-boss got a similar one yesterday and we're scratching our heads also


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justice of the peace
n., pl. justices of the peace. (Abbr. JP) A magistrate of the lowest level of certain state court systems, having authority to act upon minor offenses, commit cases to a higher court for trial, perform marriages, and administer oaths.

So no sorry, you'll probably have to make an appointment with a local solicitor.




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I guess its a money grabbing solicitor then!!


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Is there a difference between this and clerk of justices? because you can just turn up to see them without appointment and get them to witness you sign something.


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mjn said:
I guess its a money grabbing solicitor then!!
cost me about two or three quid for a statement to be notarised / signed under oath about three years ago (through my solicitor. who then walked me across the road to get another legal bod to do it :confused:); included all that swearing on the bible ******** :rolleyes:

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