quick bi-amping Q with onkyo 605?


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As above, i want to impliment the bi-amping facility on my onkyo 605. Looking at the 605 manual, it uses the surround back speakers as the second amp output. So this means for my 5.1 speaker setup i should run my back speakers from the side surround speaker outputs? How will this effect the different listening modes ie DD, DTS etc as i will have side surround as opposed to to rear surround as it were? Or will the 605 compensate and correct it?

It does say in the manual it is 'able to drive up to 5.1 speakers in the main room' but doesn't suggest how to connect the rear speakers up.

Doing this on a Aegis Evo 3 fronts (8 ohms) which are set up for bi-amping or bi-wiring as required.


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yep :)yep thats right. surround speakers are connected to the terminals labled 'surround speakers' (im not trying to be funny here lol) and surround back (the extra 2 channels) to the 'surround back' terminals on the amp. OR, use those two surround back channels for bi-amping.


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yeah i was just wondering if there was any difference if my surround back speakers were attached to the side surround outputs, in case the 605 sound output is different from the side outputs to the back outputs. See what i mean? :eek:as the surround back output is my bi-amping, so the surround side outputs would be used for my backs.

sounds as this will be fine tho. Will find out tonight i suppose:)


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I think you may be confusing your speaker placement with the 7.1 speaker terminology. In a 7.1 system you have surround speakers (usually at the sides) and surround back speakers. When you hook up 5.1 speakers you don't use the surround back terminals, just the surround. You may, however place these speakers at the back.

If you've not seen it before, the Dolby website has a good demo of speaker locations etc for 7.1 & 5.1 here

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