Quick Antimode question


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The calibration is retained in non-volatile memory. If you have changed the lift setting, you may need to save that selection by pressing the lift button for 3 seconds.

steve deakin

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My Antimode starts up in the 25hz lift mode, even after running a flat calibration.

Does this infer that the 25hz lift is best for my room??


No, it means you've accidentally set it to run in 25hz lift by default, and it remembers you "want" that setting. I can't remember off hand how to set it backto run "flat" by default, but I can look later if you don't have the manual to hand.


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4.2. Lifting EQ
The LIFT button switches between the EQ settings of Anti-Mode 8033. The settings are stored with a longer press of the LIFT button. A brief sound heard from the subwoofer after settings have been stored indicates that you should release the LIFT button.

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