Quick 3d blu-ray question


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At the moment i don't have a 3d tv but i'm thinking of buying one at the end of the year or start of next. I'd be using my ps3 to play the movies but my question is between now and end of the year there are a few new blu-ray movies that we would like to get like tangled but there are 3d versions of the movies that we would like. Do 3d movies play and look like normal movies without the tv or are they not watchable.


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Most films include a 2d version but you will need to check first.


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Many players can be set to 2D. In this case, they just play the left "eye" view. whether this is the same as the true 2D version is debatable...

Most 3D discs are bundled with the 2D version because the extra capacity required for 3D means they cannot fit all the extras onto the disc.

You should be fine to buy the 3D version for the time being until you update to 3D.

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