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My STRDA1200 is annoying me not being able to carry HDMI sound from my ps3 and potentially sky HD. IS the sound via HDMI much better than optical? I'm thinking of switching my Sony for an Onkyo TXSR674E to carry audio via HDMI. I'm not an audio signal expert but know that I am receiving LPCM for some stuff and getting DD decoding via the amp for dvd's etc. Is it worth the switch?

Any TXSR674E owners care to give me some feedback on theirs.


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I don't believe that you can get sound through HDMI from SkyHD anyway, you'd have to use an optical cable whatever amp you have.
So the only thing your missing is lossless sound from your PS3.
If you did get an amp that would receive LPCM over HDMI, then the only benefit would be with your PS3, allowing you to get lossless sound from PCM soundtracks on BluRay for example.
It all depends on your setup as a whole as to whether you'd be able to appreciate the difference between PCM over HDMI and optical from your PS3.


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Thanks for the info. Sky HD is still in the pipeline but I'm a bit surprised at that. Seems audio is always secondary to picture enhancements IMO

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