Questions Regarding : Sony DVP-NS708

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The following questions are on behalf of a friend who is thinking of buying this unit, I just wanted to try and help him by finding info out first so he knows for sure he is getting what he wants.

1. Some sites list this model as having optical and others say it doesn't, does anyone know if it does ? If not, is there any degradation in using coaxial over optical, or is that a whole other debate ? I used to think optical was the preferred choice but maybe I am wrong.

2. What is the difference between this and the NS78 ?

3. Will hacking this to multi-region involve an AllinOne remote ? Also can anyone let me know the info on how to do this as all I can find is info on hacking older Sony models.

4. Are there any other players for £60 (or under) that are as good as this player or better ?

Thanks in advance, this should be all he needs to know as to whether to buy it or not.
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1. No optical, no degradation.
2. Purely cosmetic (some say the NS78 was a little better).
3. You need a programmable remote. Should be same hack as for NS78.
4. Philips DVP5990 should be comparable.


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I've been pleased with the performance of this 'budget' unit. No problem with the lack of optical output. Works well in conjunction with Sony tvs as the functions can be duplicated on TV handset. Has the 'Theatre Mode' switching which triggers functions on other Sony gear. The only downside is the rather poor appearance of the menus. Usually Sony do a lot better on these. Makes no difference to overall performance.

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