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I am due to have SKY HD installed on Saturday and noticed on the reminder email they sent me that I will need to have a phone line avalible or the install might not go ahead. The problem is I have recently moved into a new house and we are still waiting for BT to sort out the phone socket in the living room, will they really not be able to carry out the install without it?

Also will I be allowed to keep my existing box as I have a sky connection in another room, I'm not intrested in multiroom so it would be handy to use as a free view box?

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Just a guess, but unless you have a phone line, the installation might not go ahead.

They have no right to steal your existing Digibox. It belongs to you.

They might - for a small consideration - install the extra cable for your old box, or at least leave you a length of cable for DIY. Or simply use the old cable and connect it to the dish LNB.


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Just a thought but if you have a phone line in another room that works, go buy a long extension cable to fire it up, and then change it to the new BT extension when they turn up!
Might help.


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Thanks for the replies, I do have a working phone socket but it's a fair way from my living room, an extension cable could be an option if it comes down to it.

After reading another post about the installers taking the guys box away I just thought it was worth asking, I already have a cable hooked up so it shoudl just be a case of plugging in the old box when my new one turns up :thumbsup:

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