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Hi, Everyone (from a newbie). I am on the verge of purchasing a PHILIPS 24PHT4304 TV (which is non-SMART). I have one currently sitting in a basket somewhere in cyberspace, but I have a few ‘red line’s which can’t be crossed, mostly concerning the EPG. I will list them below:-

a) If the EPG is brought up, do the picture and sound still remain?

On my 46” SAMSUNG which I have in my living-room, the screen splits into 2 horizontal halves. The top half displays a smaller screen for the current TV programme picture and sound and the bottom half displays a portion of the EPG. This is similar to what a SKY+HD box does. However just before last Christmas I bought a small BUSH set (ELED22FHDS) which I promptly sent straight back to the retailer when I saw that both picture and sound disappeared when the EPG came up. I’ve vaguely heard that the 24PHT4304 might actually superimpose the EPG info over the full picture (a bit like you could do a ‘MIX’ with teletext and then see both the picture and the text at the same time), but I need clarification. Or maybe it does as I described in the previous paragraph.

b) Is it possible to ‘page’ up and down the EPG information?

On my current 11-year-old 19” SAMSUNG in my study I cannot page up or down the EPG info. I can only use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to move one entry at a time and there’s no repeat action on these buttons if you keep them pressed down, so you have to press a button down once and let it go each time for each entry – both frustrating to me, the user, and a sure execution method of premature death for these two arrow buttons.

c) Related to b), Do these UP and DOWN arrow buttons have ‘repeat action’?

i.e. if I keep one of these buttons pressed down, will it continue moving through the EPG entries one-entry-at-a-time until you let go of the button?

d) Can I schedule future TV programmes that overlap in time?

I am asking this seemingly ridiculous question because another reason why the afore-mentioned BUSH TV went swiftly back to sender was that I couldn’t do this on it. It seemed to use some very archaic ‘event system’ which suffered from this problem. So e.g. if I wanted to schedule a BBC1 programme which would start at 19:00 and end at 20:00, then it wouldn't let me schedule an episode of ‘Corrie’ due to start at 19:30. I think I’m right in saying that it also objected if 2 programmes to schedule were adjacent to each other, so in the above example I couldn’t schedule a programme which was due to start at 20:00. Quite ridiculous and for me totally unusable and unacceptable.

e) Does the EPG info ever suffer from persistent ‘hieroglyphics’ or ‘No information’ content in its entries?

My 19” SAMSUNG currently suffers from the above and has done for quite some time and I’ve finally had enough. Straight away on TV-switch-on, many boxes will show complete gibberish characters instead of the name of the TV programme. I've loosely heard that this can be one of the symptoms of an old TV because it no longer possesses enough ‘buffer space’ to hold all the EPG info it receives these days as compared with the presumably lesser amount of EPG info received in 2009 when I bought it. Basically, I don’t want to see this happening when I switch on the 24PHT4304 (if I buy it) otherwise it will suffer the same fate as the BUSH did last year.

f) Is it true that the EPG will show the next 8 days of TV programme info?

(I’m only talking FREEVIEW TV & Radio channels here and not satellite.)

g) Finally how easy is it to toggle SUBTITLES on and off on the 24PHT4304?

I’m asking this because on the 46” SAMSUNG this simple request is tediously long-winded. When I press the SUBTITLES button I get plunged into a new window of about 5 or 6 option entries (one of which is SUBTITLES) and the sound of the current TV picture I’m watching always completely disappears for no good reason – very annoying, especially when I’m watching Bradley ask questions on ‘The Chase’. Toggling the option is also hard work and then to top it all, the window takes ages to disappear. How does the 24PHT4304 fare in this regard?

I’m aiming this thread at anyone who currently owns and is familiar with the 24PHT4304 ideally, but any relevant contributions from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

As I said above, I am a newbie to the site (I joined earlier this evening – SUN 17th May 2020) so be easy on me if I’ve transgressed the forum rules in any unintended way.

Thanks in anticipation and most importantly Stay Safe.

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