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Jun 28, 2005
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Hi, if any owner can supply the following answers, I'd be very grateful. Having spent the whole day surfing and phoning, I can confirm no-one sells Logitech Harmony range here in Northern Ireland. Amazingly, though, those lovely people at Richer Sounds Belfast have in stock the "badged" version in the guise of the Harman Kardon TC30. I know I could order it on the net, but I prefer to actually see what I am buying.

Having read all the threads on the HK TC30, would I be correct to say that if it is indeed an 885 in disguise then you can customise the screen to say a black background with white writing/icons on? This is important as my my wife has RP and white on say a blue background makes it impossible for her to see anything.
Also, how do you get the 4 coloured buttons for teletext/satellite usage on the TC30? The Harmony 885 has these buttons whereas the 880 (the US version) doesn't. Having seen photos of the TC30 it looks as if there are no teletext buttons on it so any help on this would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

Hi Martin.

Having gone completely insane this weekend with the Xmas buying frenzy, i stupidly stopped off in Richer Sounds and ended up £150 lighter but one TC30 better off.

I can let you know that the TC30 DOES have the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue "fasttext" buttons right at the bottom of the control, below the number pad. Using the HK software to configure the remote, they are not enabled by default in my "Watch Sky on Plasma" action, however with a bit of tinkering in the software they now work perfectly (previously the buttons were not assigned any IR codes)

As to the writing on background question, i have not got that far in setting up the remote so I can't help you on that one i'm afraid.

Thanks so much Sean for your reply. I have spoken to Richer Sounds but they don't have any left in the Belfast branch and the internet version has sold out as well! It's good to know that a little tinkering can mean the fasttext buttons will now work for Sky. I intend to buy this remote or the Harmony 785 (it's twin sister?) when I next visit Belfast in a week's time. Hopefully, someone will have a new supply in!
Merry Christmas,

Looking at the picture its not an 885 in disguise - I guess the 7?? (whatever the numbers are lol). If that is the case, why don't you order the 885 instead - somewhere like Komplett has it cheaper than the richer sounds price



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