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    I am currently building a Hifi/TV cabinet to house a home cinema pc, Kenwood KRFV5050 av amp, cable box & vcr, and I want to build in the front left & right speakers & the centre speaker. I am limited with size of speakers, in particular the height, so I'm having to stick with bookshelf ones.

    The speakers I'm looking at using are Celestion F1's as the fronts (& rears) and a Celestion F Centre. The reasons for this are more down to size & price than anything else.

    I intend building an open box around each the speakers, with a gap of 5mm between the sides & top, and the speakers, with the intention of using some sort of fibre in the gap to let the speakers float isolated from the cabinet. The front & back will be open and I'll cover the front over with speaker cloth.

    I have a few questions....

    Is there a cheapish subwoofer which would compliment this system?
    Anyone suggest a material for the gaps?
    Anyone any better ideas of how to incorporate the speakers into a unit?
    Whats this lot likely to sound like?

    ANy help much appreciated.

    Cheers, Martin.

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