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If I get a plasma like the PWD5 with a tuner box, what kind of signal is the tuner box sending to the screen?

I understand that you can input Composite, S-Video and Component video directly into the screen but what happens with stuff that goes via the tuner. Exampe: If I have a component signal plugged into the tuner is the tuner feeding the screen with a signal quality equivalent to the component video or is it downgrading it it?


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Its a Panasonic proprietry connection. I'm guessing it sends it in something like component or RGB but the cable is a non standard cable. I saw a 5 with a tuner box and a DVD player hooked up via RGB and it was pretty impressive. But the tuner box itself is a bit of a let down in my view. If you want to have a look check out your local John Lewis.



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The advantage of the tuner box is that you've got one box that you can connect everything to. Disadvantage is that you may be able to get more out of your screen if you use alternative interface boxes from other manufacturers. Have a look elsewhere on this forum for more discussions on the subject.

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Dr John Sim.

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