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Having had a very nice demonstration of an AV32R EX yesterday, my spending fingers are itching. However I have some questions for the TAG experts out there.

1. Do you know what the "typical selling price" was for the original 7.1 capable model before it was replaced by the current incarnation with the 192 dacs?

2. Does £2000 strike you as a fair price for an ex-dem unit that's probably a year or so old but has almost everything bar DTS discrete and the aforementioned dacs?

3. The dealer claims that I would get a 2 yr warranty from date of purchase. Does anyone know if this is in fact the case?

4. For the time being I'll only be able to run the unit in 5.1 due to a lack of space & speakers. When configuring the unit, can I tell it that I only have 5.1 so when switching through the formats with the surround button, it will "skip" options such as TMS 7?

5. Last question, honest! When using PLII in a 7.1 setup, what (if anything) gets played through the centre rears? I'm assuming nothing gets played, but I'd like to check.


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In answer to your questions:

1. I believe the 7.1 version was around £2,700

2. Not a bad price but if that's their first offer then you'll probably be able to beat them down a bit further.

3. If it's a BADA dealer then I believe you should.

4 & 5 Don't know, I'm only 5.1 :-(

Hope this helps



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4. Yes, if you set the rear speakers as not connected then you won't get the EX/ES modes or TMS7.

5. The rears and sides can output the same signal. I think this is a menu option, I only have a 5.1 AV32R msyelf so can't confirm.


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Thanks folks. Most helpful


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4) Yes, you can configure it to play as a 5.1 model. Just "tell" him you have no rear speakers. You can also configure it as having only 6.1 and not 7.1. Very flexible indeed. :)

5) If you have it configured as 5.1 it will act as so. If you have it as 6.1 or 7.1 you can configure the replay of 5.1 material as follows:
- Play surround channels through surround speakers
- Play surround channels through back speakers only ignoring the
surround ones.
- Play surround channels through back and surround speakers at
same time. So the channels are replicated. TMA recommends
this mode in general, but you can configure it as is suit your
taste/setup better.

I hope it helps.

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