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hi i am about to purchase a 1080p lcd to place on the wall, it is going to be apprx 4-5m away from any other eqpt. the other eqpt includes a dvd recorder with hdmi upscaling, sky+ box (hd later), ps2 console. what wiring do i need to put into the wall to the lcd panel in order to be able to add things at a later date ie sky hd, ps3...the lcd has 2 hdmi and 2 scart .........any suggestions welcome.....thanks

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i would put in.
HDMI for sky hd when you get it.
HDMI for ps3 (make sure that the hdmi leads you buy will do 1080p over the length you need)
COMPONANT / RCA for the dvd.
may want to add a cable to carry ir signals if you get an ir sender at a later can then point the remotes at the tv then with your kit out of view.
if your dvd outputs a 1080p signal then you will want to use a hdmi lead for that and run sky via output hd in 1080i
if funds allow then put in an extra in hdmi lead so when the time comes for a new new tv then all the kit can output hdmi.
will you run all audio into the tv?
ps you might want an aerial to the tv so you can watch freeview/analoge (sky might not allways work)
try and keep the power leads away from the av leads and buy the best you can afford.
hope thats some help


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Stereo audio return from screen to kit rack if ever going to be using built in tuner (yes, I forgot a cable myself....)
CAT5!!! (even if you are never going to use it, HDMI cables can fail and senders can be cheaper than redecorating!)
Something to carry existing sky feed (svideo? scart? 4 BNCs? you choose)

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make sure you check all the cables you can before you put them can add a scart but you should be able to run your current sky box via componant.
too much is always better then not enough tho.


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How on earth do you run a sky+ box via component, without an RGBs-component converter?

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i dont have sky+,does it not have componant! thats not to good.well scart it i said to much is better then not enough!

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