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Questions after trying Sony TRV38 and Cannon Optura 20

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Editing Forum' started by cdun2, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. cdun2


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    I have recently done some research on the Sony TRV38 and the Cannon Optura 20. Last night, I went over to Best Buy to try them out. After having looked them over, I thought I would address a few questions and observations I had about both.

    1. The zoom on the TRV38 is too fast for my butter fingers.
    2. The zoom on the Optura 20 could stand to be a little faster.
    3. I think I like the menu controls off of the LCD. The touch screen on the Sony is neat, but I found I could navigate through the Optura 20 menus faster because my hand was palm to the camera and braced against the camera. On the Sony, my hand was basically on the LCD, I prefered having my hand out of the viewing area of the LCD on the Optura 20.
    4. There was a slight vibration in the Optura 20 with the zoom that the Sony TRV38 did not exhibit. I don't know if this would mean that recordings made with the Optura 20 would pick up noise from the zoom.
    5. The menu systems on both DC's were very intuitive. With no reference to a manual of any kind, I had them figured out quickly.
    6. It seems from what I've read and heard that the night shooting on the TRV38 is better than the Optura 20 because it uses an infrared system vs. shutter speed.
    7. The difference in the lenght of optical zoom between the 10x on the TRV38 and the 16x on the Optura 20 seemed to be a huge thing to me, but then I was zooming in on stuff in the store.
    8. I really liked that the eye piece on the TRV38 pulled out. I can see how this would be handy with a big battery on the back of the unit.
    9. If I want to change a setting on the TRV38, and I'm using the eye piece to save power, I still have to flip out the LCD to change the setting. If I were low on battery power, couldn't this be a problem?

    1. Does Sony make a comperable digital camcorder with a less sensitive zoom?
    2. Does TRV38 or a comperable Sony DC have the 'Wind Screen' feature that the Optura 20 does? Apparently, this feature is designed to 'reduce' the recording of wind noise.
    3. If the Sony TRV38 has such a feature as mentioned above, what is it called?
    4. Does JVC make anything comperable to the ones I have discussed here that would be worth looking at?
    5. Does anyone know if the night shooting on the Optura 20 is all that bad?
    6. Are there two models of the TRV38? A TRV38 and TRV38E? If so, what are the differences? The Sony site didn't indicate that there were two different models, but sites like DigitalLiqudators.com show a TRV38 and TRV38E.

    I am slightly leaning towards the Optura 20, mostly becasue I can't handle the zoom on the TRV38. On the other hand, I don't want to shell out the money for that model, and then find out I really like night shooting. I could live with the menu system on either camera, but I prefer the Optura 20 control placement (off of the LCD).

    Thanks for your help!


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