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Questions about the Samsung LE40N87BD


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Evening all,

2 questions I hope you may be able to help me with:

1. I read somewhere this does not support 1080p, only 1080i. Is this true, and is it likely to cause any problems?

2. I cannot set up Freeview - I don't know where to start and when I select "digital scan" it just says "no channels found".

Can anyone help or advise with either question?

Many thanks in advance.


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According to the WEB site your set is 1920x1080 and it states "The Full HD 1080p N87 range offers viewers the highest resolution available today."

As for not been able to tune in freeview that is down to your aerial?

Did you have freeview running on the aerial before, if not did you have an absolutely brilliant analogue signal before?

Is the aerial fitted on the the roof etc?

How old is it?

Deleted member 92943

It's definately 1080p/24fps otherwise i wouldn't have ordered it today


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Many thanks both - I have only had the TV a few days (very impressed with quality) but I have always watched digital through my virgin (prev Telewest) box. However, before I could receive BBC1, 2, ITV etc with signals to my CRT through my aerial. Never tried freeview before - this is a first. Am interested now as Virgin don't offer sky sports news.

I haven't tried plugging the aerial directly into the TV - at the mo it goes thru the digi box. I will try plugging direct into the TV as soon as my better half has finished watching the soaps!!!!

The aerial is as old as the house (c. 7 years) and I can't see an aerial on the outside of the house so assume it's in the attic?

Once again, many thanks...

Deleted member 92943

Can you get freeview? Do a check here http://www.freeview.co.uk/home If you can then try and connect it directly.

If you pick up channels but poor quality then an ariel booster should do the job:smashin:

Glad you like the TV, i'm looking forward to getting mine, but have been a bit nervous becuase of all the problems i've read on these forums


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Many thanks - apparently I can get Freeview so will try that!

I haven't read any bad comments - only good ones but the thing I always remember is everyone shouts out loud about little problems, but doesn't always shout as loud if everything is good.

The pic is fantastic on digital and for gaming (xbox is unbelievable, as is BBC HD). Took a while to play with the settings but it's easy to do and as soon as I had a good pic, I stuck with it.

My only minor criticism is the speakers aren't great if you play it loud - but it's certainly more than adequate, and through a sound system it will be fantastic.

I'm no expert, but I think it was money very well spent.



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Put your postcaode into this site and it will advise how far away you are from the transmitter and what type of aerial setup you need. http://www.wolfbane.com/cgi-bin/tvd.exe? mine was 40miles and suggested amplified high gain, fitted new aerial onto roof with a masthead amp and all was OK. Aerial amps that fit by the TV are rubbish and a waste of time, all the do is amplify noise.


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Many, many thanks once again.

Plugged in the aerial direct to the TV and it found what appears to be about 120 channels (which includes radio stations, etc). Amazed with the number of channels, and back in the world of Sky Sports News!!!!

I am very grateful for all of your help. Have a good night!


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Okay guys,

I'm new here. Bought the TV in question over xmas for what seemed a very reasonable price.
I haven't had the Freeview bug, and although I think it has some problems with motion blur in the green shades I'm generally very happy with it so far.

However am now racked with confusion as to whether it is able to handle 1080p 24fps or not.

From reading these forums it seems that it can as long as the firmware is after version 1013.

1.Is this the case?
2.Does this include version 1013?
3.Is version 2002 the latest?
4.Will Samsung update firmware for free?

I'm going to check my firmware tonight but would appreciate your help. Thanks


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Ahhh Lee you went for the N87 in the end then ! Same as me, i'm buying mine on monday I think from richersounds.

Let me know what you think of it when you get yours! :thumbsup:

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