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So me and a friend finally got around to trying multiplayer last night. I started party mode and invited him in with no problems and we ran around messing about for a bit. Then I wanted to host a proper game so I started a player mode deathmatch game. All it did was bring us into someone else's existing game. Is there no way to host my own game so that I can choose all the options etc...?

Also a lot of times we were kicked back to single player mode when entering the lobby, both our networks are set up correctly, we have our Xbox's in the DMZ on our routers and we both get an open NAT status. Is this just because the servers are busy or is this a problem?


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through the options on the phone. Wanted to try doing a team deathmatch but didnt have enough people on my friends that we playing GTA. I think its all done via party mode.
When you invite a team and you are taken to the lobby, press the back button and it starts a new game with you as the host. The party you invited will also remain in the same room as you.


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hosting does appear a bit random!

its done via the custom game setting on the phone, sometimes you get to be host and there are just loads of options and other times it puts you into someone elses game, its all a bit odd.

i love free mode, but with police on and the ability to shoot people (friendly fire on option) but getting to host and then select these options does appear random. played it last night and it was incredible.

when you are in the lobby, dont press (B) to exit or you will end up in single player, use the back button.

I also like racing but quite often there are only 5 peoplei n the race, then another time there will be 16 (and its mayhem), its not like there is nobody playing it, is it??

getting into a lobby as a party does appear to be more complicated than as a single player, esp team deathmatch as it it only puts in team sizes of your party, so you end up with 8 teams of 2 players, when all you want to do is have 2 teams with you and your friend in the same game. grrr

hopefully it will get sorted out better soon.



Cheers guys. So let me see if I have this right.

I go into party mode and invite my mate in. Then I use the phone to enter the game type I want. Then we get put into someone else's game but instead of ticking the ready box I press the back button which will then put me into a new game with me as the host?.

Is this right? Seems like a daft way of doing things to me.

The only thing that seems a bit of a let down in this game is the infrastructure of the multiplayer. Should be more like Halo 3 which is pretty much perfect.

They should also have a website like Bungies awesome site for tracking stats. The social club site is awful.

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