Questions about Movietyme/What are your pre-orders ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD discs' started by miketango75, Nov 26, 2000.

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    Having ordered somewhere around 75 discs from DVD BoxOffice in the last year I have now decided to explore other e-tailers. This is mainly due to the random receipt of titles from DVDBO (quickest 5 days, longest 7 weeks !!!).

    I have recently ordered 4 DVD's from future entertainment and they seem to be very good. They do lose a 'point' since you don't get an e-mail when the titles ship.

    I am now moving on to Movietyme, I have ordered Gone In Sixty Seconds from them. My questions are,

    1) Do they e-mail you when a DVD is shipped/posted ?

    2) I presume they use Royal Snail...

    3) Do you have to sign for them ?(This is a pain for me).

    4) How long do they take to arrive at your door once posted ?

    Answers most appreciated.

    Also what are your current pre-orders,

    I'm thinking Road Trip, Seven, Scary Movie(maybe),The Way of the Gun, Hollowman.



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