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    I bought, in november 2002, a Denon DVD 3800 player in Switzerland.
    This Player works really fine with all the Disc bought on the market, even
    if the Disc temperature seems really HIGH !!! But, I got, randomly, some
    strange behaviour when I use some DVD+R or DVD-R on this player.... I don't
    know if it depends directly on the TOO HIGH temperature of the Disc media,
    but the player seems to freeze while reading ....

    I have also read that this model has some known Laser pickup problems;could this explain this strange behaviour !!! ...and since which production date could we sure that we have the latest laser pickup installed in the player ????

    My DVD-3800 Specs are : S/N=2048400062 = ESS 720 = DRV 6100, ESS 34625P, PANEL 6093-2 + RegionA2 (Region Free)

    Any suggestions, help or ideas welcome to solve definitely this problem.

    Thank's in advance for your support & Have a nice Week End


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