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Questions about 4k [Receivers, Upscaling, Support]

Best way to upscale content to 4k?

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The long/short of this, I am considering buying a receiver to upscale non-native 4k content (especially for xbox one, playstation 4).

I recently bought a new 4k TV (Samsung JS9000), my biggest concern is being able to take advantage of 4K, I also have a Samsung BD-F7500. I was surprised to find out though I couldn't stream 4K content through Netflix on the blu-ray player. I now have a lot of questions,

1. Why can't I stream 4k on the Blu-ray player (this isn't an issue i.e. network latency on the TV).
2. Does the Blu-ray player always upscale everything to 4k?
3. The TV doesn't automagically upscale everything to 4k? When it says resolution is 1920x1080?
4. Is it reasonable to consider buying a receiver to upscale everything to 4k?
5. How does native 4k content compare to upscaled content via TV? receivers?

Any recomendations on receivers for 4k upscaling?


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Your BD player doesn't support 4K, it only upscales Full HD to 4K. There is no supprot for native 4K. And you can turn upscaling off.
TV panel is native 4K, but it shows source fail information - this also means, that TV converts always to 4K, if it's not converted eariler.
Receiver vs TV upscaling - if your TV is expensive model, it converts better than receiver, if your receiver is expensive model, then probably receiver 4K conversion is better. You have to try.
Native 4K is 4x better :)

Real 4K BD players will be hopefully next year in the market and 4K BD discs too. So you should buy one of these players.
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Why would you want to stream NETFLIX 4K over the Bluray Player anyhow - surely the TV will be able to access the service directly if you are on the appropriate plan.

Consider an AVR if you want to improve the sound quality - if you are looking at it purely to upscale to 4K then save your money - let the TV do it's job.

Joe Fernand

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If the TV wasn't scaling all non-UHD 4K signals you would have an image which only filled part of the screen.

As others have pointed out Blu-ray is 1920x1080 - once UHD BD arrives you will have the option of 1080p or 2160p discs.

Just because something carries the 4K label is no automatic guaranteed of a better image - there will be plenty of poor quality kit/content labelled as '4K'.


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