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Hi I'm looking for some advice please.

I am looking to buy some active speakers (with Optical, BT, Sub Out) and I'm torn between two sets.
I am planning on running super thin 'tape' cable between the speakers such as (Amazon product)

One speaker set (Edifier 1280DBs) has the usual red and black wire clips on the back and the above 'tape' cable comes with a connector for this ( So here it'll be ONE length of tape with 2 connectors, one on either side and no extra fiddling.

The other speaker set (Edifier 1855DB) connects the speakers via a 4 pin aviation cable and I want to know are there 2 or 4 individual cables inside these 4 pin Edifier speaker cables?

If there are 2, then I can easily cut the Edifier wire and connect the ends of the above connector.
If there are 4 individual wires (each going to a separate pin), then I assume they need to be kept separate, and therefore I can use TWO lengths of tape with 4 of the above connectors in total.

Many thanks
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The Edifier speakers have 1 x Active plus 1 x Passive speaker in both systems.

The 1280DB's look straightforward enough to use the flat speaker cable with.

I would talk with the Tech Support folk at Edifier to confirm it will work with the 1855DB - there has to be a reason why they are using the 4-pin screened cable so splicing in a piece of unscreened loudspeaker cable may not work.

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An update for anyone interested.

Info from Edifier (not really helpful):
1) Is there a reason why the four 4 wires are placed inside a shielded cable as opposed to the speaker wire that comes with the R1280DBs?
As R1280DBs and R1855DB are different in circuit design, parameters, interfaces, etc., the connecting cable will also be different.

2) Ultimately I want to know, will I be able to replace this 4-pin wire with the unshielded 'tape' speaker cable?
We do not recommend you use this to replace the R1855DB standard connecting cable since the standard connecting cable can let the speaker work normally. If not the standard cable, we can not ensure that it can let the speaker work properly, it may cause the speaker to fail to work properly.

Info I've gathered from other sources:
The R1855DB speakers seem to be 'bi-amped', meaning they use a separate amplifier channel per driver, ie two wires going to each driver. The flat 'tape' speaker cable should be able to handle this, I'll just need two strips or a tape with four channels.
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