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Aug 29, 2005
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Can anybody shine any light on the following description. It's in regard to hooking up a progressive scan DVD player.

"Fans wanting to get progressive scan DVD pictures into the screen will have to use an adapter which comes with the VGA PC Input".

I am aware that the home cinema system I am after features PAL Progressive scan, and i believe it will connect to the back of the LCD screen via an RGB enabled scart. I really dont understand though how i could hook it all up with progressive scan, for a much better picture.

regards and thankyou in advance
SCART sockets typically won't accept Progressive scan signals. Does the TV not have dedicated Component inputs? What model of TV is it?
Hi, its the Toshiba 32WL56...

i know the Denon DHT-500SD home cinema system i am looking at features a single RGB scart connection, and it also contains Progressive-Scan Circuitry which is what i want to get the best possible picture out of the HD ready LCD screen. You see, ill hopefully have the xbox 360 hooked up via the HDMI input. which leaves me with two scart sockets, one being RGB enabled, the other being just normal. I must be able to do something, the screen won the group test in this months issue of What Plasma and LCD. Thats where i got the above description from.


According to the Toshiba website, the screen has these connections:

Component video: Via PC Input
RGB: 1
Front/side AV input
PC Input
S - Video Input

Hope this helps

It doesn't have a dedicated component input. You need to get either a component to VGA cable or adapter and connect the Denon to the PC VGA connection. That is one of the drawbacks of the Toshiba TV's.
Thanks very much for your reply

I do believe the Screen comes with the adapter your thinking of. Just another question if that's ok? Will the Denon be connected to my TV via RGB scart aswel, or just via the AVG PC input? And also, if it does just connect via the AVG PC input, would the adapter i need be a SCART to AVG PC INPUT?

I don't think the 360 is going to have a HDMI, just component and VGA I think...

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