Question WDTV Live owners

Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone with a WDTV Live could answer me a question please. I have been looking at them and am just about to buy one but I noticed that the unit has a HDMI, Component and Composite video output.

I would like to know if when connected to your TV via HDMI will the composite output also be working? if not can the component output work alongside the composite output?

Any advice given is much appreciated.

Yes it is, its for one of our clients houses. We have installed an Opus 500 multi room system that uses LCD Touchscreen wall keypads, these keypads can accept a composite feed which will allow the client to navigate through his libarys without the need to turn on his tv.

As well as this composite feed for the keypads we will be supplying him with either a HDMI or a Component matrix so we will need any source equipment to be able to output both composite and hdmi at the same time.

If this can't be done it's not the end of the world, there are units available such as CYP's CM388 Downscaler. That will accept a HDMI in input and output composite along with thru passing the HDMI signal. Only problem is I begrudge spending £300+ on a downscaler when the source equipment is like £100 each!!

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Basically the client doesn't want to go to the cost of a media server such as Imerge or DF Solutions and we don't like installing media pc's (to many complications and things that can go wrong over time for the client)

Therefore we are looking around for a cheap alternative, we were thinking housing in the main equipment rack the following equipment as a solution. An 8 port gigabit switch to feed all the network devices including the WDTV Live's, x2/3 WDTV Live, 8Tb NAS Drive. The WDTV's can then be fed into both the hdmi matrix and the keypads.

I will then instruct our client to make iso's etc with his film titles via a laptop connected to his network using AnyDVD as you would normally for Imerge etc. He can then dump them in the NAS folder to add to his libary.

If anyone can think of any better recommendation other than the WDTV Live please feel free. The only requirements for these media streamers are the following:

* Preferably be able to output both HDMI and Composite simultaneously
* Be able to playback 1080p MKV's over a gigabit cat6 network wthout breaking a sweat
* Be able to cope with the playback of Blu Ray Iso's created by AnyDVD.

Thats about it I think! All of the media streamers come complete with an IR remote so integrating them into our systems is simple....however if any with hardwired IR outputs or RS232 is available that would be a bonus. Also any info on discrete codes would be handy.
Ok after reading some more it seems the WDTV Live isn't to keen on reading from ISO files so I will have to have a look into a good peice of software for creating mkv's from bluray.

Any idea's on these output connections guys? :lease:


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I'm only using HDMI and the manual isn't explicit on using two outputs simultaneously. In the setup menu you have to choose one of the three, so I guess its only one at a time.

MakeMKV will do the job for you.

And the Live will stream 1080p (wired) no problem.


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I like the mkv container but have no problem streaming from iso. Obviously no menus or extras are supported but that's across all formats.

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