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Heya guys

I've been muddling with the idea of using my LG LG 32LX2R HDTV as my primary PC display, and ditching my 17" AOC LCD altogether. I've had the tv for a few weeks now, and its been nagging at me more and more to use it this way, and recoup some of the space I've lost in my room. Esentially, trying to combine the idea of am entertainment PC with the more "regular" uses of a PC.

I'm thinking about moving the PC nearer to the TV unit, connecting it via DVI, and then ditching my creative labs 5.1ch PC audio setup, and connecting the PC to my Yamaha 5.1 Home Cinema Sound system. My motherboard has optical out, and my Audigy 2 outputs via optical as well I belive, so that is taken care of.

This way, I can get rid of my PC desk completely, get a lot of space back in my room, and then use a small stand for the wireless keyboard and mouse. Maybe even get one of those leather massage chairs I 've always wanted.

The only niggle is that I play the odd game, but the PC is mainly used for web browsing, Audio/Video, Photoshop and the usual other stuff really. I've got am Akasa Eclipse 62 case

I'm just wondering if anyone else has thought about it, or has done it. How successful was the transition, and were there any problems?
Make sure you use the analogue outputs of your audigy, it will give you access to hihger res multichannel audio, do not use optical, otherwise your games won't be in 5.1, so connect the three 3.5mm analogue outputs of the audigy to the 5.1 analogue inputs of your amp...

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