Question to DAVS-550 owners


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About to purchase a DAVS-550 and want to check a couple of things :

1 ) Is there any option to delay audio as per some AV amps to corect lip sych on digital output devices ?

2) What is the connection type to the sub - I had wooden floors laid down months ago and put down a co-ax to the sub behind the skirting, but noticed on an older DAV400 that it has some sort of bi-wire ?

oh and I know I said "a couple" but...

3) I'm thinking of getting the DAV550 from techtronics (yes, I've seen the flames), as they have a good region free solution - anyone had experience with this ?


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Ok, Sorry in advance if this seems a bit brief but I'm just on my way out...

Don't have a DAV so can't comment on Q3 but as for the first 2...

1) Not as far as I'm aware. Even in the case of seperate amp's it's generally only the high end equipment that offers this facility. The only variation you would have would be related to speaker distance settings which probably wouldn't induce delays sufficient enough to compensate for lip sync problems. (As far as I'm aware)

2) The sub on the DAV's is passive, and as such is connected via ordinary speaker connections as opposed to coax.

Hope this helps...



Just got my 550 from Hotkit (ENL Digital in Nottingham).

1) No delay option (and haven't seen any need for one so far)

2) Sub connects just like the other speakers.

3) Don't know about techtronics, but Hotkit offer region free for £20 extra, and this is still cheaper than techtronics. Postage at hotkit is £10.

One thing I would mention, I have wooden floors and the bass is superb, mate of mine bought one and he has concrete floors and he thinks that the 550 lacks a little bass - and he plays music / DVDs very load IMHO.

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