Question regarding wall-mounting B&W 600 S3 speakers


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Due to space constraints in my lounge, I am going to wall-mount my B&W 600 S3 rear surround speakers. These speakers have a bracket fitted to the rear of the cabinet for wall-mount use.

Having drilled the holes in the wall and fitted the screws earlier today I tried hanging the speakers on the wall using the built-in brackets. All is fine, except the speaker terminals on the back of the speakers are rubbing against the wall. Maybe this can be solved with blu-tak but it's far from ideal.

I haven't yet removed the pins for banana plug connection in the 600 S3s as I'll be using bare-wire connections...I'd imagine use of banana plugs at the end of the cables would only worsen the problem.

Any suggestions? (Hope I've made sense here, by the way).


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I just mounted a pair of Dynaudio Audience 52SE on the wall using brackets made by Dynaudio. These are really nice: very sturdy and adjustable for vertical and horizontal angle. They provide about 2" of clearance between the back of the speaker and the wall.

They have two parts, one that attaches to the back of the speaker and the other that attaches to the wall. Both are curved and meet crosswise to provide the support for adjustment. Once tightened down, the speakers are very solidly mounted.

If it's an option for you at this point, the Dynaudio brackets might work for your speakers.



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Well Dean...thanks for the suggestion but - after pulling my hair out over this today - I went to the B&W site and downloaded the pdf of the manual to see if there was anything in there that was missing in mine. Lo and behold I find a complete paragraph that is missing from the hard-copy manual that came with my speakers:

"Ascertain the optimum position for the speaker before fixing the mounting bracket to the wall. When using the wall bracket, stick the rubber feet to the bottom corners of the rear panel of the cabinet. (figure 4)".

I've just emailed this to B&W to point out their could they forget to include this in the hard-copy version?

Still, at least I now know what those little rubber feet are for :blush:


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Nice spot kipper, I have six 600s3 to wall mount this weekend, you have saved me a bit of head scratching...........


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