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Hi chaps

I'm thinking about buying a pair of TB X41s (from Tescos like the above poster, they're £ 120ish at the mo) and have a couple of questions.

I have one of the slim 250gb 360s so would connect the TB wireless gizmo directly to that via the optical output, my 360 is connected to my AV amp via HDMI. I would only use the X41s either early in the morning or late at night, so as not to annoy the missus - the rest of the time I would use my normal surround setup and the MS headset for chatting.

My question is, when not using the X41s and they were switched off would the sound automatically be routed through my AV amp and surround speakers or would I have to mess around unplugging the optical lead from the back of the 360?

Other than that my only other hesitation comes from reports regarding interference from wireless routers etc, my router would be about 10 foot or so away from the TB wireless gizmo.

Thanks for any replies anyone, much appreciated.

Also posted on 360 hardware
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When you plug in the TB's the sound will come out of the TV and the headphones(there is an on/off button on the headphones), so turn off which ever you dont want. The TB's automatically turn off after a period of no use.
No need to unplug anything.

I have the wireless transmitter on one side of my TV and wireless router on the other side(about 2-3 foot max), never had any problems, had mine for ~1 year.

Do buy yourself some rechargable batteries though, they get chewed through.

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