Question regarding Region 4 DVD's and a UK player??


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Not sure if this is the apt. section to post this, but here goes.

My uncle as asked me to locate a couple of old western films on DVD for him. Having looked on Play, Amazon, HMV and eBay, etc, I have had no look in finding a region 2 copy of either film.

I did however find what I was looking for on several Australian websites, the problem is will they play on a UK machine? one of the films is a Universal release and according to ezyDVD it's coded 2,4 & 5, so I assume this would be ok in any UK player?

The second disc is Warner and is region coded 4, so is there any chance this could also work or not?

Due to the fact I couldn't track either down anywhere other than on an Australian site I've ordered both anyway, it's not much of a gamble considering it's cost a little over £10 delivered from DVDCrave.

Ride The High Country @ EzyDVD

Thanks in advance.


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In my experience a lot of R4 discs seem to be also R2, whether it actually says so or not, of course this doesn't mean all of them.

Would it not be as easy to get a multi-region player? You may even find you can hack your existing one. If not you can probably pick up a supermarket cheapy for £20 and they are more often than not easily made region-free via a remote hack.


If the retailer claims its R2 compatible it will be.
I know of several Warner R1 titles that are also compatible with R2 and also R4 , but this is by no means applicable to all their dvd's.

If the film is a 60's or 70's film then chances are it will be multiregional.

If you get it and it isnt then you can make the player multiregion.

If its a branded player like Pioneer,Sony etc then you would need to pay a max of £20 for a special remote to hack it.

If its a lesser known brand then chances are you can make it MR for free with the players own remote.

As a last resort you can copy the dvd on a computer which will remove region coding

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