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Question regarding pre order shipping


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I live about 2hrs away from my nearest Apple store so i was thinking of pre ordering my iPhone to be delivered but i was told by a staff member in a phone shop that i would not get it on day of release.

He said that the shops would take priority and any left over would be shipped out???

Is this right? I can't help but think it's tosh as if i preorder a ps3 game i expect it to be with me on release date.



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Cheers Tone!


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Well what happened for the 3gs?? Did anyone on here preorder payg from apple??


Senior Moderator
It is like anything you want delivered - you are relying on firstly the retailer and then secondly the courier to do their jobs. New Apple products being released are no different. If you want a guarantee then register and queue early on the day


Distinguished Member
Register and queue... do they let you reserve one? I'd quite happily go queue up if I knew I was guaranteed one...

Book a Genius appointment for launch day. They did it for the 3GS. Then you WILL get your phone and at a known time :smashin:


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I work in UPS and we shipped loads and loads and loads of iPads on launch day just a few weeks back so I don't see things been any different for the up and coming iPhone 4 launch.


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I will warn you, I ordered the 3Gs from O2 last year and it was to be delivered day of launch VIA DHL, well, the delivery driver went of sick and no one got theirs delivered. I found this the day after as I had waited in all day. Not happy

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