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Since I didn't get answer to my question in a previous thread, I decided to audition the following makes:
I don't know if I am missing some of the leading ones (soundwise speaking), but I think in these group I can get the speakers I want without being wrong in quality, and without being wrong in price.
The point is that I found Tannoy has a very large list of different range products, so I'd like you to tell me at which ones I should look, as compared to the Wharfedale Diamonds or Magnat Vintage 120, or B&W 300... I mean in both price and sound quality.
I am also wondering if it would be better to go for bookshelf, since the only loss would be in bass, which can be fairly well driven by my sub... The point is to buy standers, because if I add that, I finish with a price for floorstanding speakers... I am pretty lost!
I hope you can help...


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Thanks for the interest. I have a yamaha rx-v530 amp, and I intend to buy a Yamaha s540 to play dvd's. For cd's, I have a sony cdp-530 (I am not sure on this last...). My present speakers are 4 floorstand Magnat Motion speakers, quite low entry level hifi... And a decend Magnat Vector 13 center. AS subwoofer, I have a MAgnat Alpha 30, which has enough power although lacks a bit of precision.
I intend to buy two fronts, and after I'll go for the center, etc.
I give priority to music over cinema, say 65-70% music... I just want some speakers that match my amp and player... Just to get all it can give, but not more (then the limit in quality would come given by my present set, while now it is the speakers that do not give all that the rest of the kit can...).
BTW, add the Dynaudio speakers to my list... I think the Audience series would be the one fitting in the budget (say 300 euro for the 2 fronts)


Tannoy Saturn is what I use in my set-up. They sound rather neutral and therefor natural which is the reason why I choose them. Due to the nature of the speaker units itself and the size of the speakers the soundstage is big, rich and full of bass. They are good for music as movies and I recommend them highly. You can mix and match all types within the same range without a problem.

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