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Currently I have sky with sky world package and am interested in changing to sky+.
I read the terms and it says I can have free sky + subscription because i have the sky world package, but seems to be providing I move the digibox to another room and pay £10 per month anyway.
I am not really wanting this, as I only watch it in my bedroom.

Do I still have to pay £10 for the sub if I don't have the box moved?

Also do they need to drill another hole through your wall for the LNB thing?


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If you don't want the second box then you don't have to have it and so you don't have to pay the extra £10pm.
A second dish-to-box cable is required for Sky+. If you're really lucky they swap your existing cable for a twin one, but they're more likely to put a second cable in place meaning another hole will usually be drilled.


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I think the 'hole' thing depends on the installer. They change the Lnb, should check dish alignment, & whilst up there may as well change the cable as fit an aditional one. If not & you have problems they may be obliged to replace your old cable eventualy in a revisit. It's easyer to put the single twin cable in than two. Thats what my installer did (just Sky) , so I disagree with DaveJ. However it may be as simple as what the chap has in his van that morning!


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Out of interest is the 'twin cable' any slimmer?

I'm interested in sky+ but don't want 2 cables running around my room.


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No & yes! It's like overgrown speaker cable, two coaxes joined side by side. Each coax is slimer than my old stuff (slightly), but there's two. You'd notice it running around the skirting........ Until you were so busy watching all the tosh you'd recorded on +. A few nights of trying to fit 12hrs viewing into an evening, you'd forget! My installer left about 10' spare for some anticipated building. I'd forgoten until now, - it's coiled at the side of the tele like some anerexic snake.

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