question on setup..PC to LCD for HD .TS playback...


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Hi,i want to show off my new Sharp 32" LCD(1366*768) by playing downloaded .ts files via DVi connection..problem is PC is upstairs whilst LCD is approx.35ft away downstairs...might this work??
...also I have a Soundblaster Live 5.1 soundcard
..will this suffice for sound reproduction?what connections/cables (if any)can i use to connect this to my yamaha av receiver downstairs??

Full system-AMD2400,512mb DDRam,ATi Radeon 9500 pro,120GB HDD and SBlaster Live 5.1 ..on Win Xp Pro with SP1.


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I doubt very much whether a Lindy cable that long will work at all well, people often experience problems with their 10m cables. For runs that long you have to start thinking about 'premium' cables and they are not cheap, £100 would be a minimum IMO, though some consider such prices 'snake oil' .. I paid £150 for a BetterCables 10m guaranteed 1080p.

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