Question on Panny PZ70 sound


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I'm possibly leaning towards a Panasonic PZ70 after realising an 40" LCD wouldn't look that good in my dark room. However, just seen it's got no Optical out.

Now I'm not 100% sure how Home Cinema Systems work, I'm under the assumption I'll be able to stick in an optical cable straight from, as an example.. my original Xbox's Component box.

And for other systems the two Phonos from their component wires,.. However, I'm concerned about my HDMI run devices, I'm intending to get a DVD Upscaling player with HDMI, and I'll be using my 360 through HDMI, which carries the 5.1 sound.. but how would I get that sound into my 5.1 speakers if the TV has no optical out?



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The 360 has an optical output. Sorted.

As far as I know, the optical output on TVs is only for the built in tuner anyway, not external sources.


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So with the 360 and DVD player I'd use both HDMI and Optical together? And for the component sources just stick the two phonos in for "fake" 5.1 sound? Fair enough, Was just a bit worried that the set itself not havn't an optical out might complicate things.

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