Question on lip synch?


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I didn't't know which forum to post this. I am currently redoing my whole system. The Sony 65 4k is in place and hope to get a new AVR either when the new ones come out or when some will ever be in stock again. My question is about potential lip synch issues with 4K disks. From what I understand the delay in the AVR can be set that will allow the Sony Video to catch up. Is this a one time thing to dial in? Can the whole issue be avoided by connecting the two with an earc assuming all the nightmares I hear about that are resolved?


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If you have your external devices (eg. 4K Blu-ray player) connected directly to an AVR, then ARC or eARC won't be involved when playing from those sources. ARC and eARC are used for getting sound from the TV's channels or apps (and external equipment connected directly to the TV) to the AVR.

Audio delay on an AVR can be adjusted any time you like :smashin:


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Right now with my existing AVR I have no HDMI. I am using Toslink from player and Directv into AVR for audio and HDMI to sony for video. I imagine the delay can be adjust at will. My question is if I need to on the new 4k player will I only have to do it once? I would guess that once you match whatever delay their might be that would be the end of it?

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