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I'm looking to go down the plasma TV route, and have a question on inputs - some of the TV's i've looked at have say 1xHDMI, 1x Component, 2x Scart, 1xRGB Scart and a VGA. Can you connect to all of these, or is it likely that any of them are shared? It's just that on my current Toshiba CRT i have 3x scarts and one component, but the third scart and the component connection are shared so i can't have them both connected at the same time.
If i could utilise them all it would help out connecting all the DVD/ consoles etc. that we have. :(


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If you are concerned with the exact number of inputs and their nature, the best source of information is likely to be the manufacturers web site. e.g. Sony have pdf copies of their manuals on their site.


Check very carefully, inputs are often shared. Pioneer are the biggest culprits, we as installers find this intensely annoying, well done for spotting the possible deliberate mistake. We've arrived at a point where we only install stuff we've supplied because of the likelihood of customers pitching a whole bundle of stuff at you on the day without the means to connect it all. There is another way, naturally. If you have a lot of kit, and a desire for DD surround sound, most AV amps these days have video inputs and outputs. The better ones, not necessarily costing a fortune, do 'upconversion', and arte connected to the screen with 1 cable, HDMI or component video, and all the video inputs, or maybe just some as you choose, thus share 1 input on the TV. Obviously the amp has to be on to view them, so connecting sky by scart, but DVD, games consoles, media streamers etc by AV amp gives you just ordinary TV easily for a bit of eastenders or the news, but DVD, X-Box 360 etc in glorious surround sound. For me, I never bother with 'ordinary TV', so all my kit is in surround sound, I have no other speakers. But then I see enough daytime TV to put me off for life.


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Thanks for the replies,
Check very carefully, inputs are often shared. Pioneer are the biggest culprits
Thanks MAW, i'll make sure i read the online manuals before buying. Just looked at the Pioneer PDP manual, and sure enough - although it's not as clearly stated as in my Toshiba manual - it looks like the component is shared with scart 2, and one of the HDMI inputs shared with scart 3.


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with the panasonic px60/600 the only connection shared is the audio input, it shared by the component, vga and if you choose so also hdmi-1

SCART 1 & 3 are RGB capable. Scart 2 only composite/s-video.
SCART 2 & 3 are Q-link capable, scart 1 not
With HDMI 1 you can choose to receive audio by the (analog) audio in (handy if you connect a DVI device) , hdmi-2 is digital only

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