Question on Epson's WirelessHD limitations - line of sight, 10 meters / 32 feet


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I need advise if WirelessHD (WiHD) of TW-6100W(3020e) or TW-6000W (3010e) support my projector/transmitter locations.

Epson's 3010e/3020e manual states:
Place the WirelessHD Transmitter so that the unit's lights face the front of the projector.
Make sure the transmitter is within 32 feet (10 meters) of the projector and is located in the
same room.

At the same time Art Feierman at projectorreviews claims that
I put the WirelessHD transmitter in a nearby room

I would like to buy 3020e or 3010e and set up projector and transmitter as shown on attached image - there is no direct line of sight and total distance is 20% longer.

Can some one with TW-6100W (3020e) or TW-6000W (3010e) test such config and let me know if it works or not?

Also, it's interesting at what extent closed wooden doors between rooms will affect signal from transmitter.



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If I placed my transmitter 32 feet away, it wouldn't even be in the same house. From where my PJ is, it's only max 12 foot in any direction, before I'm in the garden... or nect door. :(

Even if the wireless transmitter worked though, how would you control the BR player?


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Even if the wireless transmitter worked though, how would you control the BR player?
I think that RF-based (not IR) remote should be fine (checked specs on manufacturers sites - seems OK)
So main question remains open:)


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Anybody, pls? :) Sounds as not overcomplicated test for those who already got 3010e.

Btw, I got "official" reply from Epson support that is based on manual (so this configuration is not supported), but maybe they're overprotecting themselves from false positives. So I'm wondering if smb can test it live? :)


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Hi guys,

Had anyone tried 3010e since Nov'11? Can anybody answer my original question?

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Does anybody have answer to my question from the 1st post?

Maybe new 3020e changed anything in this regards as "Epson has added an improved WirelessHD system to the 3020e"?

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