Question Question on 49MU8000 and juddering on some devices

Jon Read

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Really weird problem. I have just got a Samsung 49MU8000 today and just installed it. Already having some issues with external devices. Apps via Samsung itself are fine. But with my VSX 923 amp I am having issues with 360, Xbox One, Fire TV but oddly NOT the PS3.

The problem is juddering on camera movement. If watching say WWE app or Youtube on the above mentioned devices, all going through my Pioneer VSX 923 amp, then panning movement judders, and it just all looks a bit like clockwork (imagine hands of a clock ticking, as though not smooth movement), or a robot, things don't move smoothly enough. But what confuses me even more is the PS3 is fine, and that goes through the same amp. All are via HDMI and HDMI audio through same cable (no optical). The amp is only HDMI 1.4 but I am only playing back SD, 720p, 1080p at the moment.

Things are all over the place here in my room at the moment so I can't easily feed the devices directly in to my TV yet to test, but I will do tomorrow. But in the meantime, any ideas ? If it is the amp, why did it not happen with my LG 42" 1080p TV that I have just replaced, and also even more oddly why does the PS3 work fine through it but not other devices using same apps ?

Both the PS3 and Samsung apps work fine with no judder. Thanks for any advice.

EDIT : I managed to move everything out of the way and direct connected everything to the HDMI ports without using the 923 amp. all was fine. So this is clearly a problem between the amp and the Samsung, even though the PS3 works well with the amp and TV. I am due to get a Denon AVR-X2500H next month, anyone already tested this with the MU8000 ? Does it work ?

EDIT No.2 : God, this is getting annoying. So i have been sat here watching a WWE event via Fire TV direct connect and it was fine, but then 30 mins in it started to do the juddering again, exactly like via the amp, but rectified itself after 5 minutes, and has now done this twice. So it does also happen via direct connect, just not constant. That confuses me even more now. If this is going to be sporadic via direct connect too then it is going to get frustrating. How can a old 42" LCD LG work so perfectly. but this happens with a brand new TV ? Does it sound like a fault with my TV ? If so what sort of explanation for this fault ? Thanks for your help/
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Jon Read

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Well, I have made my issue 70% better, I turned off video processing on my VSX 923 amp. Not sure if this can be improved further, but definitely at least 70% less judder now. Perhaps my amp is trying more processing that I don't know about and it is causing conflict ? Anyone know how to alter the FPS output settings on that amp ? Also not sure why I didn't have this issue with my old 42" LCD from LG, that was just plug and play perfect.

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