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Reqts: LCD TV - mainly watching Sky+ SD - sit about 8-9ft from TV

Looking at Toshibas 37X3030DB, 37C3035DB and 40XF355DB

What does everyone recommend?



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cant recommend one on performance but the 40xf355 looks really smart,on "look" it must be the best tv under 1k but that doesnt mean its great,from what ive read tho it seems very good as im looking to buy one,i think the price drop more it just depends how long you can wait.


I bought the 40XF355 from Currys on Boxing Day and was pretty impressed. This is my first LCD so admittedly the only frame of reference I have is seeing other peoples LCDs and plasmas.

Found there was a stuck pixel though (green). Customer services at Toshiba were very helpful and gave me a return code straight away. Their policy for dead (black) pixels is 2 within 1cm in the middle of the screen or 4 around the outside. Because mine was stuck on green only one was enough for a replacement.


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Bumping - I'm looking for info on the 37X3030DB - £650 in Comet and want to know whether I'm wasting my money.

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