Question of censor's powers


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just thinking about the censors and how much power they command. so they (the BBFC and the MPAA) can say what goes in terms of content but if a studio decided to use material in a film that either of those bodies deems unacceptable in a final cinematic cut what powers do those bodies have to punish the studios?


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presumably the film would not recieve a certificate and thus could not be released/distributed.


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what I'm talking about is if a studio said yes we'll do your changes and then released the movies without the cuts, after all the bbfc and mpaa aren't in the loop with regards to the final cuts released to cinemas.


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They'd probably never notice as I doubt any of the BBFC classifiers actually go the the cinema.


I wonder what gives a person a right to say OK I can watch this and then turn round and say right this is unacceptable for the public. I agree with rating films for under 18's but I think as adults we have the right to decide if we want to watch a certain thing.Obvioulsy some things are unaccepatable and things like that I'm sure the studios just wouldn't put out.

OK I'm done now :D


Yeah, this is where the States has one up on the UK. (for those counting along at home... that brings their total to 1 :)) In the US, a studio can release a film with no certification. Sure, this means that fewer stores will carry it and fewer cinemas will show it, but it also means that you can actually get unrated material.

This is mostly for gory horror movies, and I think the US has separate guidelines for pornographic films.

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