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Hello everyone,
I'll start off by saying that I am quite new to this audio component business and this is indeed the very first time that I have ventured into surround. Now my problem is this...When I set up my Denon this morning with a universal player from Integra I am having two issues: first off, I have no control over the volume. The volume control does nothing the raise or lower the volume. If it is as low as it can go then I hear no sound, but if I raise it once notch above that then I hear sound and it is the same level as if I were to crank the dial. Very odd. Secondly, the system did not recognize my rear speakers. Right now I have a front left and right, a center, no sub, and two rear speakers but both of those were not recognized by the Denon when I went to set the channel levels with the test tone. All of the cables are routed correctly and the speaker cables are affixed properly too. So, I am to say the very least very confused. Why no volume control? Why no speaker recognition? Oh, and regular CDs blast at a rather high volume, whilst SACDs are quiet, with DVD-As somewhere in between. I am to new to all of this stuff to have any idea what is going on so if anyone has any thoughts then they would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks!:confused:

Greg Hook

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Not quite sure I understand your problem with the volume from your post??
How do you have the Integra player connected to the amp for the sound?

But the speakers, have you turned the rear speakers on in the on screen menu? I have had this amp years now so can't quite remember, but I'm sure you are able to turn speakers on or off, so it might be worth looking at that.

You are also able to set the size, distance, volume of each speaker just to how you want it, so a read of this section of the manual might help you out a lot with regards to setting it all up correctly.


Thanks for both of your replies. I have only one component connected to the amp and that is the Integra player and it is through analog cables (sidewinders is the name i believe). As far as turning the speakers on and off I went through the menus and set the size, distance and the like and I believe specified that there is a set of rear speakers to deal with...but when the test tone circulates from speaker to speaker it is simply no go for the rear speakers.

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