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Question I have some questions about my HDTV, need help

Discussion in 'TVs' started by MasterOGA, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. MasterOGA


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    First off the model is an RCA d52130 (Rear Projection HDTV Monitor).

    The TV has a Component Video input and one High Resolution input (It's listed as 15 Pin D-sub in the specifications area of my manual), which one of these is the superior input?

    I'm mainly trying to hook up a PS2 and an Xbox to my TV, I currently have the PS2 using the component inputs, and the Xbox using one of the many S-Video inputs. Can I use the High Resolution input to hook one of them up?

    Onto progressive scan....the TV has these 2 modes listed under Multi-Sync Scan Modes in the specifications area:
    1) NTSC 32.5kHz/60 Hz Progressive
    2) HDTV 1280x1080 Interlaced
    A few of my PS2 games have the option to be played in Progressive Scan mode (Tekken 5 lists it as "Progressive 525p"), but when I use this option the game looks....odd. The small black borders on the sides of the screen are gone and things seem to be slightly bigger (Probably because the black bars are gone, I'm guessing this is a good thing). However, some of the text is screwed up, looks looks like there is a red image and a green image .5-1 millimeter to the right of the original image. The closer I get to edge of the right side of the TV, the images space out even further, probably about 2 millimeters away at the very edge. This doesn't happen when I have the game set to normal mode, what is causing this? Perhaps my Progressive Scan on the TV doesn't work for a component using the component input, or would it create a very unstable image if that was the case?

    Sorry for making this so long, any help would be greatly appreciated

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