Question for Wharfedale Vardus Sub owners


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I'm looking at one of these, as it looks a decent sub for the money. If anyone owns one, can you confirm if the cabinet is ported. I've Googled, checked Wharfedale's site etc, but I can't find the answer.



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Well, I ordered a Vardus VR10 from AVBristol for £124.95. 10" woofer, closed cabinet, 150W amp. I was going to get the highly rated SW150 for £149.95, but they're out of stock. It seems likely to me that these two items share some important parts, so the Vardus is worth a try.
It is due today (come on Parcelforce!) so I will let you know how it sounds.
The link at the top of the page takes you to Superfi, who only have the VR8 model (8", 100W) - AVBristol are slightly cheaper.
It's the first time I've used AVBristol, and I'm impressed with their customer service.

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