Question For Uncle Eric RE: Velodyne CHT15.



Hope you can find a few minutes to answer this for me.

Very pleased with "The Son of Godzilla" first impressions have exceeded all my expectations, I was hoping it would improve the bass side of my system and it has, ten fold, but I have noticed something else which I didn't expect.

How come replacing the sub it has made a noticable difference on how the other speakers sound, more crisp and clean, it's not just me that noticed it the wife has heard the difference to, just wondered if there was an explanation?


Just to keep you going until Eric gets out of bed - it's to do with harmonics but it is beyond my technical vocabulary to explain it properly. Each note is not a single frequency but is overlaid with higher and lower frequencies that all added together make up "the sound"

The higher the quality of the bass note reproduction, the higher the quality of the overlaid bits that the subwoofer adds to the mid range.

Hopefully someone will be along shortly to explain in properly using the proper terms.
Thanks Ian,
Hi Bob, Glad you're happy.
Put simply, below 80Hz sound does not solely exist in explosions, earthquakes and other dramatic "effects" that recording engineers produce.
My favourite test for a subwoofer is in the reproduction of dialogue and vocals. A good proportion of dialogue (especially male voices) of which are sub 80Hz. The difference you are hearing here has much to do with the very low distortion attributed to the Velodyne servo system. Apart from all the other attributes of a well designed sub, voices sound less muddy, boomy and overall far more intelligable. As most know, a subwoofer is there to compliment your system and not overpower it. Obviously, you've done a great job at marrying these together and this has had the desired effect of cleaner sound throughout.
Well done.

Thank you both for your replies. ;)

Nice to know I have set my system up to the best of it's ability :)

Anyone interested in the Velodyne CHT15 as an upgrade and are finding it hard to audition one, you are quite welcome to have a listen to mine, this is not an excuse to come round and have tea and biscuits and watch a movie though, unless your brining something I haven't seen. :D
Originally posted by Gambit
The One? or has Ian all ready insised you watch this classic?
Have told him I watched it, just to keep him happy, don't tell him. He said another classic when released in October will be Brim, think I'll give this a miss to. :D

Do you like Mint Yo-Yo's?

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