question for the vets out there....

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basically one of my cats, which is just over a year old is having problems with going to the loo for the last week or so. he;s fine in himself and doesn't seem to be tender anywhere however he seems to be going to his litter tray every half hour but nothing happens. also to that he's got a rather bloated to usual belly.

any ideas for some treatment at all? if its any info at all they have dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening.

cheers as I'm getting a little concerned.


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get him to the vets

if his belly is bloated, he may well simply be bunged up as it were, but it could mean something is in there he shouldnt have eaten and is blocking things......only way to know for sure is the vet....

put it this way, even if it turns out he is just a little bunged up, better to pay the money and know for certain.....

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