Question for Mac Mini owners....


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I'm considering getting a MAC Mini and using with my Samsung LE26R51.

I was wondering how it performs as a DVD player using a DVI => HDMI cable, and are there any issues with resolution?

Does it upscale, etc?

Ta - Drifty


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Upscales, yes. Can't speak of how it'll work with your display, that's probably something only someone with both can answer.

It's an ok dvd player. Not the best you'll see, but it does the job. I can't help but think that one of those cheapy DVI players would do just as well, and be easier to use from the sofa.

Then again, the mini does a lot more (iTunes, non-DVD media etc).


How about a mini mac and lose the os x and put linux on with myth tv?

I'm not sure but if the new usb dvb tuners (the size of a pen drive) such as terratechs are supported yet but if they are it should make an excellent media center.

jon stallard

The output to the Tv wont be a problem but if you are using it just for DVD's, you will soon (after about 2 seconds) mourn the 'no remote control' feature. It's what let's mine down using a similar set up, which is a great shame. There are 3rd party ways around that but personally, I'm a user, a presser of ready made buttons rather than download and make do with a remote that's not really meant for it (unlike the MCE remote which is ace IMHO).



for those that like the look/size of the mini mac there'll be a pentium M based PC that is *very* similar out (well scheduled to be out anyway) in January....


rockykabir said:
Soz for digging up a topic from the past...but I'm looking to do the same with my mac mini. Is it ok for normal everyday use?

I use an intel mini (core duo) with a Sumsung LE32R74BD and I think it's awesome!

There is a catch though:

-DVI-HDMI doesn't work at 1360x768 (or 1366, 1368) with my LCD, I've tried custom resolution setting programs and the display just rejects the mode. 1280x720 and 1080i are your only viable options and both are a long way from 1:1 mapping. The solution is to use the VGA port and then 1366x768 is fine, perfect 1:1 mapping.

This has nothing do to with the mini and is entirely to do with the display.


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Very happy with mine too, check Sig.

Samsung displays tend to be very picky:thumbsdow


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Love my mini!! Core Duo with a Gig of RAM (suggest you get the same amount at least), used on an Hitachi 32LD7200 LCD. I use it for every day computer stuff (email, web, IM, music, photos, etc), video playback (HD and SD both via VLC) and have control of my old PC via VNC (PC does all the donkey work now!). :thumbsup:

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