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Do you find your Kinect a thing of continued entertainment or was it a great idea and fun to start with but you soon grew bored of it.

My daughter has suggested that it would be a good idea to get a Kinect and my wife has agreed that it might be a good idea.

Game has some good Kinect bundles at reasonable prices so I'm not put off by the price - my worry is whether it will be short-lived fun.

To give you some idea of background

Daughter 13 - likes the idea of the dance games but also some of the other games. But she is not usually a gamer - we have an XBox360 and a Wii which she hardly touches. She mostly plays Sims3 on her laptop.

Mother - doesn't play games but likes the idea of fitness stuff like Zumba and maybe the dnace games. However, she has similar and the fitness board on the Wii and doesn't touch them.

Me - I like XBox and PC gaming, mostly FPS, RTS, RPG and strategy. I wouldn't buy a Kinect for me but wouldn't mind playing the odd sports or zombie game.

Son (17) - XBox and PC gaming (mostly FPS and RPG). Again not that bothered by the Kinect but would be happy to play the zombie game or Forza 4.

The big advantage of the XBox over the Wii is that it is in the Lounge compared with the Loft room - and has the better TV.

So what do you think - is it going to be all fun and excitement on Christmas Day and bored by New Years Day or will it get continued use.



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Sounds to me like itd be worth it matey.

My other half loves it when I break it out (I dont use it for gaming all that often but Im hopeful my kinda games will emerge soon)

The Gunstringer is great as is Fruit Ninja. Kinect does dancing games VERY well.

Looking at you post, its a no brainer to me. Grab one!

It will inevitably stop getting used, just like everything. But come next year we should see some more hardcore games and Kinect will just keep getting better. I think itl be a worthwhile investment.

Hell its great even using it just for movie voice commands ect.

ps - Be sure to set it up perfectly, its first time performance will be a deciding factor ;)


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The potential is there with it and unlike the two wiis it hasn't been sold yet but it does collect dust at our house!

Still just about worthwhile keeping

When Metro comes out in a few weeks you will be able to control the dash with it. So you can always use Kinect. It will no longer be a in game feature.


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I'm interested in buying one but not at £120! I am hoping amazon or similar have some offers on closer to Christmas that bring the price closer to £90 or chuck in a couple of games.

I played on one last night for the first time. Setup wasn't quite right but my 6 year old boy absolutely loved it!!


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Biggest waste of money in recent years for me.

Great tech - truly awful games.

No one seems willing to invest in the potential of the technology and prefer to produce quick, poorly designed and badly implemented gimmicky rubbish.

Dance Central is the only game that can even qualify as a decent attempt at a game.

Even the kids will be back on the wii after the initial excitement goes...which is pretty quick.

Just my opinion of course.
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My brother has allowed me to borrow the one we played on last night. That means I can make sure the room is suitable without risking anything. Result :)


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Depends on your initial view of it.

Its never going to please hardened gamers (most of the dislikers!) As something that can bring the whole family into games, used as a workout tool, and have family fun together its great. I don't regret buying it. Better games will come but they will never be good enough to please everyone.

One big factor is space. If you can leave it setup all of the time, you will use it far more,


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I have virtual tennis which it works with and i must say me vs nadal id be wimbledon champ lol thats the best game i have played using the kinect so far. The rest are all a bit cheesy. Althoug i have noticed forza is compatable.
When i shootem up game comes out like modern warefare and its got kinetc compatability then that will be unbelievable. All you would need is a shoot button an a headset and you are practically in the zone.


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When i shootem up game comes out like modern warefare and its got kinetc compatability then that will be unbelievable. All you would need is a shoot button an a headset and you are practically in the zone.
There is too much lag with kinect at the moment for any serious shooter.


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Ive just got shot of the Wii and basically swapped it for Kinect (gamestaion do a great deal atm) and tbh I had been sceptical for ages, now that i have it Im totally blown away with it, it is excellent, well worth the investment :)


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Well everybody is different I suppose. I got the kinect last decemember and it's still getting a ton of use. To be honest I thought it would be a fad and get no use after a couple of months, but I am still enjoying it and my nieces and nephews love it and want to play it all the time. And it does feel good to get up and move about the place every so often, just spending 30 minutes trying to beat a bowling score or get beat your record in the long jump. All good fun.

And there hasn't been any hardcore games, but, I really don't think it needs any. I would consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer, but, I have knocked as much fun out of hole in the wall and fruit ninja as any game I have played. And kinect sports has really stood the test of time. I haven't played any other game for a year on the xbox.

Is it worth the asking price if buying for yourself? Well, it's a bit like exercise, playing it is fun and you feel great afterwards, but the thought of having to get up and move the furniture etc can seem a bit of a drag sometimes. But I would say yes it is.

And if you have kids then it's a no brainer. They can be entertained for hours with the kinect.

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