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Hows battery life these days, it was dire on early firmware but there was a fix for it..(hope you have all done this). Reason i ask is i have Thomson DTI2300 FV box which has since the 22nd of december eaten 3 pairs of AAA batts.... so thats 7 weeks for 6 batts and at £4.35 per pack of 4 from the spar down the road!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: this one of payment box will cost me....£48 a year in batteries! :eek: :thumbsdow :thumbsdow so in 2 years has paid for an H655 so what i need to know is howlong those last so can redo my calcs (will also reduce wear and battery consumption on my 3 other main remotes which i will factor in) but i recon that if you can pay for an H655 £99 in 2 years of batteries from a freebie remote its gotta be good idea!!!!!

PS not walking any further than spar............ :nono:


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I thought you already had a Harmony? (Seen other threads).

I understand your reluctance to go far in search if batteries but you might like to know that Toys'R'Us sell large packs of alkaline batteries for very little, e.g.£8 for 32 Philips AAs. Maybe something to take into account when doing your calculations.


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i'm using AAA Ni-MH rechargeables. it seems that although Ni-MH lose their charge quickly on the shelf, in service (even if its a very light load) they retain it. I've had a smoke alarm go 6 months on one without running out of juice. Back on topic, my Harmony 676 has been going for 2 months on the same set of AAA rechargeables. Maybe give them a go instead of alkalines?


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GreenBars said:
I thought you already had a Harmony? (Seen other threads).
Used to sell them i have a marantz RC1200 that i cant be arsed to progamme (have to copy every button manually :thumbsdow ) but having not lived with one (programmed 20+) i just wondered what life was like....

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