Question for any STRVA555ES Owners


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I've just had a demo of this receiver which soundeed pretty good I must say.

However, I was particularly interested in how much control you can have over the musicality and tone in cd stereo mode. The guy doing the demo for mem couldn't work out how to do it, but presumably treble/bass etc isn't fixed ?



You actually have quite a bit of control.

You first of all have six Equaliser settings. I.e. set EQ1 up for CD, EQ2 for Radio etc. etc.

For each EQ you can adjust the gain of bass, mid and treble for the fronts in steps of 1db in a range -10/+10db. You can also adjust the frequency of these parts.

Yes, it is buried in the menu system, but is not hard to find.

You can also adjust all this for other speakers in the setup (centre, rears etc.) but I've left them all as standard for DVDs.

In 2ch mode I had to add a little bass and take out some mid to get it sounding right.

If you connect up an analog 2CH source to the amp, you can amplify it direct bypassing all the circuitry, you can also automatically turn off all the internal Audio and Video circuitry not being used.

Overall, I'm very happy with this amp as I think it sound amazing and there are loads of toys to play with.

If you are shopping about I got mine from Hotkit




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Excellent - I think that's probalbly that's the final decison made now - thanks very much indeed Ian

:) :) :)

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